A Welcome Note

Hiya! And welcome to my shiny, new blog!

You may know that I used to have a wee catering business called Sophia’s Place. Under this name, I fed residents of Jackson, MS the most delicious treats I could think of. Sometimes, this meant very standard things like vanilla cake with chocolate frosting. But, more often than not, I created provocative, unusual and sometimes zany treats. My favorite is still the beet cupcake with an apricot&local honey glaze. My most unexpected cupcake was arguably the cucumber, mango and cayenne cupcake topped with a tofu&brown sugar buttercream. Just trust me on that one. It totally worked.

Eating delicious food is important, obviously. But I think our first priority should be knowing what we’re eating and where our food comes from. This can be a daunting task at times. It can also involve learning very disappointing information. That’s just part of the process, though! Remember what G.I. Joe taught us, knowing is half the battle. I personally keep a vegetarian diet so most (if not all) of the recipes you find here will be vegetarian. Let me say now that vegetarianism is my choice FOR MYSELF and I am not here to convert anyone to anything. I will encourage you to try the recipes as written, though. At least once 🙂

The purpose of this blog is to encourage mindful, healthful, fully-enjoyable eating experiences. Just because something is vegan doesn’t mean it’s gross. And just because something tastes rich and delicious doesn’t mean it’s automatically bad for you. Eating should be a full experience, not just consumption of energy. So let’s create an experience together! Thanks for visiting my kitchen x


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